Trainual University: Platform Learning, Certifications, and Strategy Guides

Learn how to become a Trainual pro by completing these no additional cost, self-paced courses.

Easily master the ins and outs of the tools available to you under your specific permission level by joining Trainual University! You'll use the platform itself as a model and training guide to get the most hands-on learning experience. 🙌

👉 Before you start:

What does Trainual University offer?

Simply put, Trainual University is the Trainual for Trainual! These courses provide a fun, interactive way to acquire the skills of your Trainual permission level through written instructions, video demonstrations, DIY activities, and test checkpoints.

When you complete any of the certification-based subjects, you will earn an official Trainual Certification Badge (and some sweet swag)!

GIF AC all 3 badges

What courses are currently available?

Trainual University provides courses that cover the basics of platform use, advanced training to level up your current content, and project-based strategy guides. Take a peek at the current course catalog below for a comprehensive overview. 👇

👤 Permission

📚 Course & Training Time

📑 Description

Billing Admins & Admins

Trainual Admin Certification Levels 1-3 (3 hours)

Training on all Trainual functions and features.

Authors & Contributors

Content Creator Certification
(1 hour)

Training for non-admin content creators.

General users

Trainual Basics (15 minutes)

Basic orientation on Trainual.


Super Awesome Training Design (2 hours)

Teaches how to design and build engaging and effective training content in your Trainual account.


Strategy Guides

**All strategy guides are currently reference material and are open to any permission level. These courses do not offer certification.

📚 Course 📑 Description
How To Build a Content Creation Team (12 minutes) Learn how to identify champions to help you build your playbook.
How To Create Awesomely Organized Subjects (11 minutes) Learn how to plan out and outline Trainual subjects like the pros.
How to Launch Trainual to Your Team (28 minutes) Learn the recommended process and steps for launching Trainual to your organization.
How To Use the Delegation Planner (12 minutes)

Learn how to use the Delegation Planner to get a clear view of responsibilities, workloads, competencies, and aptitudes, and then connect them with relevant playbook content.
How To Use Groups to Map Out Your Content (12 minutes) Learn how to identify exactly what content you need to document in your business playbook.
What NOT To Do When Getting Started With Trainual
(10 minutes)
Learn the 5 biggest mistakes people make when getting going with Trainual, and how to avoid them.


How to enroll: 

  1. Log in to your Trainual user profile. 
  2. Click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner. 
  3. Select "Go to Trainual U" from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Hover over the subject titled "DO THIS FIRST ➡️ Welcome to Trainual University" and hit the "Start" button
  5. Follow the instructions listed to learn how to navigate and participate in Trainual Univeristy course offerings. 

🎥 Walkthrough:


Share the knowledge and keep up to date:

Spread the word about Trainual University so your whole team can document and delegate like pros. Getting your teammates involved is hugely beneficial to getting up and running in Trainual as quickly as possible.

And don't worry about ever being left behind on what's new in Trainual! Whenever cool new features and superpowers are added, you'll be notified via email immediately so you can get on-the-spot training.

📸 Example: 

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How do I advance through my certification courses as an Admin?
After you've completed level 1, level 2 will be assigned to you automatically. Same goes for level 3 — just finish level 2 first! 😉

How long does each course take to complete?
Typically, the average time for completion is 1-2 hours per course. However, an estimate will be clearly stated at the beginning of each course.

What are strategy guides? 
Strategy guides are reference subjects that focus on specific implementation approaches that our team has seen lead our customers to success! These are available to all users, regardless of permission level.

Why should I enroll in Trainual University?
You’ll always have access to the most current training on the Trainual platform and have access to proven strategies for implementing into your business.

Learn more about upskilling your Trainual expertise: