Time Estimates

Learn how time estimates automatically calculate in your Trainual account and how you can customize them to make your training needs.

Trainual automatically calculates the estimated read time it would take someone to complete each subject and topic for your whole account, helping you plan for training sessions and onboarding seamlessly!



📝 Please note: This article is best suited for Billing Admin and Admin permissions.



What do time estimates look like?

Estimated read time counts appear at the subject and topic level, and overview the time it would take to complete that content, while you are editing content.

Edit view subject level example:

Edit view topic level example:


Your teammates will see the same estimated read time completion numbers at the subject and topic level, as they are consuming content.

Training view subject level example:

Training view topic level example:



Your teammates will also be able to view the total reading time left for all incomplete subjects assigned to them on their Home page.




How can time estimates be customized?

If your training uses a lot of embedded items, it is likely that the automatic time estimate numbers aren't 100% accurate. Don't panic! These numbers can be manually edited at the topic level to more accurately reflect subject training times. 🙌

  1. Navigate to the "Content" page from the left-hand menu.


  2. Open a subject from within the tab where it currently is housed — Company, Policies, or Processes.


  3. Click on any topic's estimated read time number to begin editing.



  4. Select the "Customized reading time" option from the pop-up menu and adjust the estimated hours and minutes to your choosing using those drop-down menus.



  5. Hit "Save" to push your changes through. You'll see the total subject read time adjusted to match once you refresh the page. 🥳




Do automatic read time estimates include embedded video watch times?

No. The read time estimate feature excludes the time it would take your teammates to watch any embedded videos fully.



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