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Company, Policies, & Processes

Learn how to intentionally navigate and categorize your playbook content.

Each content-holding page within your Trainual account has significance and serves a specific purpose in contributing to the overall flow and effectiveness of your training material. In order to optimally document your business playbook, training should fit under one of the following three categories: company, policies, or processes.

👉 Before you start:

🏦 Company

This is where you’ll document your super awesome origin story, mission, vision, core values, team information, culture, and more. Everything about what makes the company your company should be housed here.

💭 Examples:

  • Department Overviews.

  • Founding Story & Company History.

  • What to Expect During Onboarding.

🚦 Policies

This is where you’ll document your operating rules and standards. Think of this as the quintessential "employee handbook area" in your playbook. Everything from office access hours, dress code, and vacation time to legal compliance, state & federal regulations, and anti-harassment & safety information should "live" here.

💭 Examples:

  • At-will Employment Policy.

  • Working Hours, PTO, & Vacation Policy.

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Policy.

📑 Processes

This is where you’ll document the step-by-step, start-to-finish sequences of accomplishing a task or meeting a responsibility inside your business. Basically, whatever you do and how you do should get documented here.

💭 Example:

  • Account Handoff Processes.

  • Tools for Project Management.

  • How Return Requests are Processed.

🔥 Tip: Did you create a subject under one content page but now feel like it makes more sense somewhere else? 🤔 Easily relocate your subjects to new categories by following the instructions listed here: 🔗 Move a Subject, Topic, or Test.

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