General User Permission Level

Learn how to navigate the Trainual platform when given General user permissions.

You've just joined your company's Trainual account but aren't sure how to navigate the system or how to get started on your training. 🤔 Use this article to help!

👉 Before you start:

  • If you haven't received your Trainual email invite, please contact your human resources department or your supervisor directly for a status update.

  • For platform access troubles, please visit the login issues guide.

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A quick overview:

Your user experience will look very different than those teammates in your company that have content creator access. Typically, when given the basic version of a general user permission level, you'll...

Understanding what you can & cannot do in Trainual:

✅ You have the most basic permission level in Trainual. Simply put, you can...

  1. Complete any assigned content or review reference material you're added to.

  2. Access the Home page section of Trainual.

  3. Update your personal account settings.

❌ You cannot...

  1. Edit content or update any other teammate's user information (unless your content access level or group manager status is granted to allow this type of access.)

  2. Change your own permission level or any company account information or settings.

  3. View all the navigation page options from the left-hand menu by default.

    1. You will have a different experience with this view if your team has enabled the library feature option.

Getting started on your training content:

Now that you know what to expect under your account, it's time to dive into training! 📚

💡 Targets:

Running into platform trouble?

Check in with your supervisor first if you are experiencing content access issues. For any other odd platform behavior, email or press on the bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to start a chat and let us know what you need help with. ↘️