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Learn how to train and guide your General user permission level teammates on all things Trainual.

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You've added your people, you've created your content, you've assigned it, and have completed everything you can do as a content creator! But...what does this all look like from your trainees' point of view once you get them started? πŸ€”

πŸ‘‰ Before you start:

  • All plans can assign this platform access option.

  • Billing Admins and Admins can edit all permission levels of every teammate. Managers can only update people under a limited list of permission levels for their direct team reports.

To get a quick overview:

A General user's experience will look very different than yours as a content creator. They will...

To understand what a General user can & cannot do:

βœ… General users have the most basic permission level in Trainual. Simply put, a General User can...

  1. Complete any assigned content or review reference material they are added on.

  2. Access the Home page section of Trainual.

❌ However, they cannot...

  1. Edit content (unless their content access level for a subject has been changed.)

  2. Update any other teammate's user information.

  3. Change their own permission level or any company account information or settings.

  4. View all the navigation page options from the left-hand menu by default.

    πŸ“ Please note: General users will have a different experience with this if your team has enabled the library feature option.

Outstanding subjects directly assigned to a General user will appear on the Home page as a quick and easy access point for pending training. There is also a listed section for teammates to save their favorite subjects that they review often!

Learn more about managing Trainual users:

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