You've added your people, you've created your content, you've published it, and you've assigned it! But what can this look like for your team? Let's take a look at Trainual as if we're General Users!

General User is the most basic permission level a User in Trainual can have. Simply put, a General User can complete assigned content and access the "My Desk" section of Trainual. However, they cannot edit content, update information about other users, change their permission level or additional account information, or see content not currently assigned to them.

Anyone logging into Trainual will land on their "My Desk" page. Depending on what permission level they have, they may have different options in the navigation bar. General Users commonly have a limited view of the Left Nav Bar, keeping it simple to focus on the learning they need to get done.

All Subjects assigned will appear in the "My Desk" section. This includes their "Up Next" and "Completion Percentage" ring, as well as an area of sorted Subjects - including any subjects the User has favorited!

A General User's desk will always display Subjects in Card View. Any content the General User needs to find can be accessed from the "My Desk" section or using the Search feature in Trainual.

General Users can also have a view of the People Tab. This view gives them access to the Directory and to your company Org Chart.

๐ŸŽฅ Take a peek at what General Users see on the platform:

Not sure which permission levels are appropriate for your teammates? Learn more about Permission Levels. Or, learn how to set permission levels.

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