Manage Subject Content Access
Learn how to manage a user's ability to access and edit content within a Subject
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Content access allows users to either view and complete, edit and set as pending, or edit and publish a single subject!

To edit content access:

  1. Navigate to the Subject you want to edit content access for (In Company, Policies, or Processes)

  2. Click the Manage Users button

  3. Click the Content Access tab

  4. Click the dropdown menu next to the desired person and select the access you want to give them

  5. Click the Save button

You can individually change someone's content access by following the video below.

There are three different options for content access:

  • View: Can view and complete the subject

  • Edit: Can edit the subject and mark the status as pending review

  • Manage: Can manage and publish the subject

  • Owner: Sole owner of the subject, can edit and publish content. Each subject can have 1 owner.

πŸ“ NOTE: Billing Admins, Admins, and Managers can only have content access of Manage or Owner.

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