Filter Subjects on Company, Policies, & Processes Pages

Learn how to filter subjects by status, type, content access, and roles.

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Instead of manually scrolling through your long list of content, filters allow you to quickly narrow down your search based on specific criteria. This ensures you'll find the relevant information you need fast, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. 🙌

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👉 Before you start:

To learn how to filter subjects:

  1. Navigate to the location where your subject is currently "housed." Either the Company, Policies, or Processes page from the left-hand menu.

  2. Click the "Filters" button from the top left-hand corner.

  3. Choose your preferred filter(s).

  4. Hit "Update" to apply the changes to your page.

To learn more about the filter types:

1️⃣ Status

Search content by published, unpublished, or all statuses.

2️⃣ Type

Locate material based on whether it's a reference, favorite, archived, or any type of subject matter.

3️⃣ Content Access

Narrow down the training listed dependent on your permission level on them; view, edit, manage, or owner abilities.

4️⃣ Roles

Find your role-related course matter by selecting one of your company's listed unique roles.

🔥 Tip: You can easily clear your selected filter(s) by clicking "Clear" at the bottom of the filters drop-down menu.

Learn more about navigating & organizing your content:

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