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Learn how to search for answers smarter, not harder — with the newest addition to Trainual AI.

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Ever wish you could ask Trainual a question about your policies or processes and have it pull up the exact answer you’re looking for — without wading through pages of results? Lucky for you, a brand new way to surface company knowledge is now here: Trainual searching powered by AI!

👉 Before you start:

  • This feature is available under all Trainual plans.

  • All permission levels have access to the Trainual search bar.

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How AI searching works:

Trainual AI can surface business knowledge stored in your company, policy, and process subjects. It understands the actual meaning and intent behind what you’re searching for (not just the keyword terms). Giving you more accurate, relevant search results than ever before.

Even cooler? You can ask a direct question in the search bar, and Trainual AI will reply with the answer based on the information documented in your account — so you don’t have to skim through any search results at all! 🤯

To ask Trainual a question:

  1. Click the search bar on the top navigation.

  2. Type your question. You can search for information on your company, policies, or processes pages.

  3. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard.

  4. Review your search results!

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👩‍🏫 Search results explained:

💭 Most relevant answer: See the top of the page for the answer to your question, powered by AI.

🔎 "Found in" section: Check out the content that contains the answer to your question.

📑 More search results: Use the tabs to filter all search results by content type.


Where does Trainual AI search for answers?

Trainual AI searches through content stored in your published company, policies, and processes pages. (Psst… wanna know a secret? Trainual AI will be able to search through more of your account super soon, so stay tuned! 🤩)

What if someone searches for an answer that’s in a subject they don’t have access to?

Trainual AI won’t show someone answers found in content they don’t have access to.

What happens if there are different answers for the same question across our content?

Trainual AI will determine the most relevant answer based on your search.

Does Trainual AI search through archived content?

No. That information will not be displayed in your results.

Is our data being fed into any AI database or leaving Trainual?

While content is temporarily sent to a paid API (OpenAI) to produce high-quality, comprehensive answers, it is not stored in the API or used by the API for learning or improvement. Search data is stored exclusively in Trainual systems.

Can we opt out of Trainual AI searching?

No. This feature is a part of Trainual's core platform functions. By subscribing to Trainual, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service for the platform. For any additional questions or concerns, please reach out.

How can I submit my feedback and ideas about this feature?

If you'd like to share your thoughts or think of something you'd like to see added in the future, send us your feature requests and ideas.

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