Trainual Compose

Learn how Trainual Compose can write policies and processes for you using AI.

Finally, your playbook can write itself! Spend more time growing your business and less time documenting processes, policies, and company information — all with the first of Trainual's new AI capabilities: Trainual Compose. 🙌

👉 Before you start:

  • Trainual Compose is available for all plans.

  • Only content creators with a permission level of Author+ (Author, Contributor, Manager, Admin, and Billing Admin) will have access to this feature.

To generate content with Trainual Compose:

  1. Open and name the step you'd like to create, and make sure you are toggled to "Editing" mode.

    🔥 Tip: Make sure you’ve named your topic and step so Trainual Compose can use them to write your content. (Don’t worry — that’s the only information the tool will pull from your account.)

  2. Click the "Compose" option on the "Insert" section of the text editor toolbar.

    📝 Please note: If this is your first time using Trainual Compose, you will see an overview screen that outlines the feature and a note about agreeing to the Terms of Service before proceeding. For any questions or concerns, the support team is available at

  3. Write bullet points of information you’d like your step to include, and then click "Compose" to generate your fully-baked step.

    • For example, you can include a few bullet points about your company's invitation policy to reference before adding a new team member to the sytem..

  4. Review the suggested step content and decide if you'd like to use it.

    • "Use this!" sends the information straight to the bottom of your current step for you to add additional formatting to, change the verbiage as you see fit, or move it to the preferred area of your step content.

    • "⟳ Try again" generates a new step (with slightly different verbiage) using the same bullet points you provided. Feel free to re-generate content as many times as you need until you get what you’re looking for.

    • "! Report an issue" lets Trainual know about any inappropriate or inaccurate content being displayed in the system. Just fill out the form to send in a report.

That's it! You've just generated your first Trainual Compose. 🎉

🔥 Tip: Don’t forget to review, edit, and add to the generated content as needed before publishing it for your team.


Is there a way to navigate back to previously generated responses?

No. This feature capability is not currently available. Send your feedback and ideas on anything you'd like to be considered for future platform updates.

I do not want private company content in my Trainual account to be used, accessed, or read for this process. How do I opt out?

Trainual Compose will not read your Trainual employee's data, processes, policies, or company content. The only internal pieces being accessed are the topic name and step name you are currently working on. All other Terms of Service must be agreed to in order to access and utilize this tool.

Does this tool learn what I am looking for and how I write as I continue to use it?

Trainual Compose is not currently set up to adapt and personalize over time. If this is something you'd like to see added, send your feedback and ideas.

Who is powering this tool?

OpenAI is a third-party product that pulls “as is” and “as available,” general information. More about OpenAI terms of use can be found here.

Will the applied content from Trainual Compose match the branding styles I currently have in place?

Yes. Once you click “Use this!” to add the generated content to your step, it will appear in your set brand styles.

I've identified a bug in your feature. How do I report it?

Send a message to The more detail you can provide, and even a Loom recording, the quicker the issue can be addressed and resolved! 🐛🔍

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