Import Documents

Learn how to convert Google Docs and Word documents into Trainual content.

Do you have company knowledge stored in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or PDF format? (Barf.) No need to copy + paste everything into Trainual — convert your files into organized, searchable Trainual subjects in just a few clicks with the import document feature.


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🔥 Tip: For the best results, we recommend clearing all formatting from the original document before importing and adding preferred stylings with Trainual afterward.


How to import a document:

  1. Navigate to the "Content" page from the left-hand menu.

  2. Click the dropdown on the “Create subject” button and select “Import document.”

    🔥 Tip: Use the quick-add button ("+") on the top navigation menu to jump straight to the import document modal from any page in the app. 🤯

  3. Click the grey area to upload your Word document. If you have a Google Doc you’d like to import, just save your Google Doc to your computer in .doc, .docx or PDF.

  4. Select the specific "Content" page you’d like this subject to "live" in — Company, Policies, or Processes.

  5. Press "Next" to begin your transcription.

    📝 Please note: Your subject's loading progress will show on the screen as the content imports. The larger the document, the longer your load time will be.

  6. You will see an "Imported!" message when the subject has completed uploading.

  7. Review and edit your new subject as needed. 🎉




What types of files can I import?

Currently, you can import PDF, Google Docs and Microsoft Word files. (Psst… More file options are coming soon! Stay tuned.)


Is there a max file upload size?

Yes. Your file should be 15MB or less with no more than 3K words.


Is there a max character limit for titles?

Yes. Your title should be less than 250 characters.


Can my document have a Table of Contents?

No. This will cause an upload failure. You can always add your TOC after you upload the document.


What do I do if I get an error message when importing my file?

There are limits to the type, size, and word count of the file you can upload. Convert your file to a .doc or .docx if it’s not in either of those formats and make sure it’s 15MB or less with no more than 3K words. If you’re still having trouble, contact Trainual support!


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