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Organizing & Viewing Subjects on the Content Page
Organizing & Viewing Subjects on the Content Page

Learn all about the “Content” page and how to use it as a central hub for policies, processes, and company knowledge.

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The Content page is a repository of all the existing subjects in your account. Use it as a one-stop shop to content management — plus, view content by group, set the order of employee training, and more!

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🚨 Important notes:

  • Content will look different for Admins vs. General users.

    • The Content page shows users all the subjects they have “View” or higher access to. Those with “Edit” and “Full” permission of subjects can use the Content page for subject management.

  • By default, all published subjects will be visible in the Content section.

🗂️ Table of contents: Click on the arrow to view the different sections of this document and skip around to the parts you need.

To publish the content for your team to view:

Publishing Content makes it so that your whole team can see all published subjects in the account when they head to the Content page and even request “View” access to anything they’re not assigned but want to learn about. 👀

  1. Navigate to the "Account" tab and select "Settings."

  2. Enable the "Publish content library" toggle.

  3. Your changes will automatically save! 🎉

How team members use it:

When a team member logs in to Trainual, they’ll land on the Home page. Here, they’ll see only the subjects that have been assigned to them. However, if they go to the Content page, they will see all the subjects in your account that you have made available.

If a team member is not currently assigned to a subject on the Content page, they can click the "Request Access" button.

This will send a notification to all Admins. Any Admin can click the “Requests” button inside the Content page to view these requests. Admins can grant or deny access.

When access is approved, the subject will be assigned to the user, and they will see it on their Home page.

What if you don’t want employees to request access to a certain subject?

No problem! Just turn off the “Add to the library” checkbox in the advanced subject settings for the subject you don’t want to show on the Content page.

  1. Navigate to the subject you want to remove from the library.

  2. Press the three dots to the right of the "Publish/Unpublish" button.

  3. Press "Edit Subject."

  4. Open the "Advanced subject settings" dropdown menu.

  5. Uncheck the "Add to the library" checkbox.

  6. Press "Save."

To set training order:

  1. Navigate to the Content page on the left menu.

  2. Press the "Set training order" button.

  3. Using the dropdown menus to the left of the subject name, select the numerical order in which you want the subject to be assigned.

    📝 Please note: You can drag and drop the subjects as well to set the training order.

  4. Your changes will automatically save! 🎉

📝 Please note: Only one set training order can be applied to your content at a time.


What will General users see on the Content page?

General users will able to see all subjects they have “View” or higher access to in the group share modal, as well as any subjects that they are allowed to request access to.

Will General users see the “Company,” “Policies,” and “Processes” tabs at the top of the Content page?

Yep! Just make sure you’re sharing “Company” and “Policies” pages with your entire team in account settings.

Learn more about managing subjects:

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