You have created your content and have assigned it to your team. One of your team members reaches out because they cannot view the Company, Policy, or Processes section of your Trainual account. Why is this happening?

Team members in your account with the General permission level have a different view than all other permission levels.

Take a peek below to see the difference. ⤵️

Admin view:

General view:

Since the General permission level setting does not allow team members to create or edit content, the Company, Policies, and Processes pages are not displayed in the navigation pane on the left.

But how do my team members see how we've categorized the content?

Each subject card on the My Desk page includes two headers. The first one is the category, (Company, Policy, or Process). The second is the subject title. This lets your people know exactly what type of content they are viewing.

There is one exception with Processes. If a process subject has been moved into a Collection, the name of that Collection will display as the first header instead of "Process".

To learn more about how team members with the General permission level navigate their Trainual platform, click here.

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