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Learn to assign content and manage subject access for individual team members and groups.

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Use group share to control the way you distribute content to individuals and groups — like who’s required to complete and review content, who gets view-only access, or who gets editing capabilities — all in one spot. Getting everyone the business knowledge they need in just a couple of clicks. 🤲

👉 Before you start:

  • A team member will need an Admin or higher permission level to manage content access and share subjects.

  • Groups cannot be created in the group share modal. Create groups before using group share.

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How to share your subject with your team:

  1. Navigate to the Company, Policies, or Processes page where your subject lives.

  2. Click on the subject.

  3. Press the "Share" button.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow in the "Search people and groups" bar. Click on the group names and/or team member names you would like to add.

  5. To require an individual team member or group to complete the subject, switch their toggle to “Required.”

  6. Press "Save."

📝 Please note:

  • Required = This subject will be mandatory to be completed by your trainees, and completion tracking will be activated and available in your reports section.

  • Not required = This subject content will be optional, aka — reference material. Your teammates can view this information at their leisure, and no completion tracking will be available or tied to their review of the course.

How to manage subject content access:

  1. Navigate to the Company, Policies, or Processes page where your subject lives.

  2. Click on the subject name to open it.

  3. Press the "Share" button under “People and groups."

  4. Press the far-right dropdown arrow to change the content access level for individuals or groups.

    📝 Please note: The default view for General users is “View.” Admin+ team members cannot be downgraded to having lower than “Full” access.

  5. Press "Save."


When you make changes to a subject and "Share changes," will the update go to everyone with access to the subject or only to the groups for whom the subject is required?

This update will go to anyone assigned to the subject, whether it is required or not.

If a team member is assigned to a subject via multiple groups, and one group requires completion and the other does not, will the team member be required to complete the subject?

Yes, if a group the team member is assigned to requires completion, the team member will be required to complete the subject.

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