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Learn how to give all permission levels a full left menu – so they can request access to more subjects in your account.

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Allow anyone in your account to request access to content using the Company, Policies, and Processes tabs in the Content section on the left navigation menu.

This gives everyone the option to request access to published subjects they’re not assigned. Helping teammates get excited about learning more about the company, policies, and processes that matter most to them.

👉 Before you start:

  • The library feature is available for Train+ plans.

  • All permission levels can view the Content library menu once this feature is enabled, but only Admins+ (Admins and Billing Admins) can approve or deny access to subjects.

  • Content libraries can only be turned ON or OFF by those with Admin+ permission levels.

To publish content libraries:

  1. Expand the Account options from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Toggle ON the option to "Publish content libraries."

  4. Double-check that the "Share the Company page with your team" and "Share the Policies page with your team" settings are toggled ON as well, if you’d like your team to access content libraries on those pages.

    📝 Please note: These settings can only be toggled OFF if no content exists under these pages.

That's it! Your entire team now has the ability to view the unassigned content made available under the different libraries within the Company, Policies, and Processes pages from the left-hand navigation menu. 🎉

To manage what’s available in content libraries:

When you create or edit a subject on the Company, Policies, or Processes page, you can choose whether or not you’d like to add it to the respective content library. To make a subject available or unavailable in the library…

  1. Navigate to the subject's main page you'd like to check the settings on.

  2. Toggle the view to "Admin" mode.

  3. Click the three dots at the top-right corner and select "Edit subject."

  4. Check or uncheck "Add to the library." Checking the option makes the subject visible to your whole team on the content library page, and allows anyone not assigned to request access to it.

  5. Hit "Save."

To manage your content access requests:

Once a teammate requests access to an available library subject, that notification will be sent through the in-app notification bell to all Admins+ on the account.

  1. Follow the notification request link to the Company, Policies, or Processes "Open requests" tab.

    📝 Please note: All Admins+ can also see open/pending requests by heading to the Company, Policies, or Processes page and clicking "View requests" on the top right.

  2. Use the "Deny" or "Approve" buttons to select the action you wish to take on your teammate's request. This will notify them of your choice via the in-app bell notification in their account.

    🔥 Tip: To review a history of employee requests, click on the "Archived requests" tab.

To train your teammates on how to use it:

  1. Guide your trainees to either the Company, Policies, or Processes tab on the Content page.

  2. Allow them time to review the available subjects and have them pick one they are interested in learning more about.

  3. Advise them to hit the "Request access" button under the subject and then select "Confirm request" to send their request to all Admins+.

  4. Go to your personal Trainual account and follow the steps from the "To manage your content access requests" section of this help article to approve or deny this request.

  5. Tell your teammates to check their in-app notifications for request status updates and go over your company's policies on when and why a subject request would be accepted or denied.

To understand different permission level capabilities with this feature:

Billing Admins and Admins will always have access to all content on the account, published or not, and access to all left-hand navigation menu options, regardless of whether or not the content library feature is enabled. They'll never see any indicators that they need to request access to content.

If your content library is unpublished, your General users will only see the Company, Policies, and Processes pages on the left-hand navigation menu if they are a content owner or have edit permissions for a subject that's housed in one of those pages.

If you publish the content library, all Managers, Authors, Contributors, and General users will see the Content page on the left-hand navigation menu. And when they click on that page, they will see the "Request access" button for any subjects they are not directly assigned.

Libraries Menu ENABLED

Libraries Menu NOT ENABLED

Learn more about managing content access:

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