Trainual Capture Chrome Extension

Quickly record and document your SOPs through screen captures

Writing content can feel daunting. If you're like most, you've probably wished that content could write itself while you work. Well, your wish is our command. 😉 Say hello to the Trainual Capture Chrome Extension!


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The Trainual Capture Chrome extension records each step you take in an online platform right as you do it. It automatically compiles your activity to create a step-by-step training manual that you can add to Trainual.


By using this tool, you'll increase your efficiency, maximize your production, and speed up turnaround time for delivering new training.



To set up the Trainual Capture Chrome extension:
  1. Navigate to the Trainual Capture Chrome extension page in the Chrome Web Store and select "Add to Chrome."



  2. Allow the extension to "Read and change all your data on all websites" by clicking "Add extension" from the pop-up window (this grants permission to the extension to track and record each page you navigate to as you document your process.)

    🔥 Tip: Pin the extension to the top of your browser for easy access. Just click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome browser and click on the pin icon to the right of the Trainual extension.


  3. Open the extension from your Chrome browser and connect it to your Trainual account automatically by clicking "Sign in to Trainual."

    That's it! You've just set up the Trainual Capture Chrome extension. 🎉



To capture a process:
  1. Navigate to the Internet site you use for your business process.


  2. Set up your page — you'll want to ensure everything is in place to document your process before you begin capturing. This will eliminate any unwanted steps.


  3. Open the Trainual Capture Chrome extension and click "Start capture." You'll see a flash notification that the capture has started.



  4. Complete each action of the process step-by-step as you normally would. Trainual Capture will record each click you make and capture screenshots.


  5. Finish the capture by clicking on the purple checkmark in the lower left-hand corner of your browser. You can also "Pause" or permanently "Delete" the capture from this menu.


  6. "Add a title to your Capture" on the next page and confirm the choice by clicking "Add title." From there, you'll be redirected to a preview page.


  7. Edit your capture as needed. You can change the capture banner, each step image, each step title, and more using the icons highlighted below.



  8. Click on "Add to Trainual" from the upper right-hand corner of the capture when you're ready to send it over.

    Not ready to review it at the moment? You can come back to your captures at any time through the "Home" icon on your captures extension menu.



  9. Name the step this will live under, choose an "Add to" location, and press "Add" at the bottom of the pop-up screen to send it over to your Trainual account.


  10. You'll find your capture under the subject you've selected in the previous step or in a "Draft" status under a Trainual Captures subject on the Processes page (if an "Add to" location was not selected.)


    📝 Please Note: If you rename the current Trainual Captures subject, a new default subject will appear when you create your next capture. If you'd like to keep your current Trainual Captures subject for all future captures to default to, you can move each created step one at a time to a different location in your account. Simply click the three-dot menu to the left of your step to do so.




Great job! You've just completed your first capture. 🥳




How do I sign in if I have multiple Trainual accounts?

You'll need to log in to the Trainual platform under the account you'd like to connect and copy your account URL at the top of your browser. You can be on any page when you copy this link. It will be in the following format:


Then, click the Trainual Capture Chrome extension icon and sign in to your account from there using the URL you've copied and the login credentials associated with your preferred Trainual account. Hit "Sign in" to complete the connection! 🎉




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