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What to expect during and after your 7-day free Trainual trial.

Your team needs to know the who, what, when, where, why, and (most importantly) how of everything in your business. And Trainual is your all-in-one solution! 🎉


Ready to take a test drive? 👀


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Timeframe and access to Trainual:

The red carpet has been rolled out just for you, with full-platform access to every feature Trainual offers. 🔗 Click here to start your free trial!


You have 7 days to explore, create, integrate, and more. ðŸĪĐ



Resources as you check out Trainual:

At this point in your experience, you probably have a few questions. So Trainual has made sure you have access to the best resources to help throughout this journey!


  1. Product Experts (chat & email)
    Our experts can discuss quick, one-off questions regarding platform functionalities and resource requests. Need help to figure out how to record a Loom video in-app or how to build an org chart? They've got your back!


    📧 Reach out to or use the chat bubble here in the help center (in the bottom right-hand corner ↘) to start the conversation.

  2. Help Center
    This is your DIY, 24/7 access spot for all things Trainual. If you've got a question about a feature, there's a 99% chance we've got a step-by-step help article about it.* (Hint: You're reading one right now!)


    📚 Check out our help center home page and bookmark it for quick reference.



Deciding on Trainual:

After your 7-day free trial period is all up, your account access ends. (Don't worry — your time with Trainual doesn't have to!)


Here are your options:

  1. Officially sign up for Trainual (YAY — you love Trainual)!

  2. Bid Trainual farewell and try to find another business playbook that'll do what Trainual does. (Happy to welcome you back at any time! 😉)

Whatever route you choose, Trainual looks forward to continuing to support you and your small business with the can't-miss newsletter The Manual, through guidance on creating a scalable company playbook using the free Trainual masterclass, and much much more!


🐝 Did your 7 days fly by? You're a busy bee with a super-stacked calendar. If you didn't get a chance to get a full feel for Trainual during your 7-day trial period, reach out, and the all-star support team will give you a one-time, 3-day trial extension.


👉 Looking to delete your free trial account and any data associated with it? No problem. Reach out to permanently delete your account.



Learn more about Trainual plans:

* You got us. We totally made this stat up. ðŸĪŠ