What Is Trainual Worth?

Learn how the value of a Trainual subscription can benefit your team.

A McKinsey report states that the average employee spends up to 100 minutes per day just searching for the basic information needed to do their job. Multiply that over the course of a year, and you will likely find yourself with some very frustrated teammates!

How much time (aka — money and resources) could you save your company by making every how-to and need-to-know instantly accessible? 🤔


Does Trainual offer a free plan outside of the 7-day trial period?

Not at this time. While there are plenty of free options available to do the work of documenting your processes, they don't always offer a complete solution to building and maintaining your playbook. Trainual strives to be the one-stop shop for your team!

If you're looking for somewhere to begin without a price commitment, Google Docs, Evernote, Google Sites, Microsoft Word, and Pages are great places to start. 📝

So what am I paying for here?

The right customer with Trainual doesn’t just want to document information, they'll also want to organize, train, track, and test their team as well. With other systems, you might simply create sets of folders to organize your content. With Trainual, you can associate each individual policy or process with a group, so you can instantly see who needs to know what.

With other systems, training might simply be sharing a folder of files with your new hire to review. In Trainual, you’re inviting users to a sequence of step-by-step material you can track, which improves their onboarding experience.

With other systems, training can be a one-time event. In Trainual, you have the full transparency to know and continually update which people need to sign off on which policies and processes, and even have the ability to create simple tests to check knowledge retention throughout the lifecycle of an employee's tenure.

Sure, you can use a free system, but Trainual customers see the value in these upgrades. 💪😉

Why does Trainual have a subscription-based pricing model?

Your systems and processes are living, breathing things within your business. The training and resources you've created aren't one-time occurrences but rather a consistent pulse of accessible material that is on demand and can be updated as it changes. A subscription fee pricing model most closely matches the utility of this type of product.

Is the cost of Trainual worth it?

That’s up to you to decide. 🤓 If Trainual attempts to convince you it’s worth the purchase, and it genuinely isn’t for your particular situation, you'll most certainly be left with buyer's remorse.

For those who do sign up and use the product, the cost is insignificant compared to the value it provides. Think of any cost in your business as an investment. If you didn’t expect the value you receive from something to be greater than the cash you spend on it, why buy? 🤔

Think of it this way...if you've ever hired someone new, how long does it typically take you to get them up to speed at full productivity? Using Trainual could shave hours off of that timeline. Planning to sell your business or pass it down to a successor in the future? How much smoother would the transition go with a well-documented manual of your current systems and processes for your successor? How much higher of a valuation might you be able to command?

The act of documenting processes means reviewing step-by-step sequences. With a collaborative group effort, you might eliminate certain processes and upgrade others so that everyone is operating at maximum efficiency. Leaving the best question to ask here — what is a platform like this worth to you? 👀

This seems crazy valuable. Why aren't you charging more?

If you want to pay more, there are plenty of enterprise options out there. Trainual is not one of them. Trainual believes every company size should have its right-fitting platform to create an awesome instruction manual. Clear processes lead to happier employees, more profitable businesses, and more satisfied customers. 🔥

Why should I invest in Trainual? I still can't see the justification for the cost!

That's completely understandable if Trainual still doesn't feel like the right platform fit! 🙌 If you'd rather get value out of Trainual's resources instead, follow the podcasts, blog, and newsletter offered or check out these free resources and engage with other SMBs on Trainual's social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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