What Trainual Is (And What It’s Not)

Find out if Trainual meets your team's present and future needs, so that you have a platform that can grow alongside you.

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Are you looking for an online training manual that gets new people up to speed and keeps the whole team aligned on best practices?


Then you need Trainual — your hub for who does what and how!




Trainual is the place to document and delegate all of your company information, processes, and policies. In other words, it's your business playbook. When you get important information out of your head and into a resource for your team, it keeps your small business running like a well-oiled machine, even when you're on vacation.


💪 Use Trainual to...


At this time, Trainual is...

  • Not an HRIS system (though it does integrate with the HR software you use.)

  • Not SCORM compliant.

  • Not accepting custom development work.

  • Not a task management software, so it doesn't provide a checklist feature.




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