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Subject Due Dates

Learn how to add a required completion due date to your subjects to maximize training accountability.

Need a way to ensure your team members complete subjects within a certain timeframe or by a certain date? Add a due date and watch those completions pour in!

👉 Before you start:

  • The due date feature is only available for select subscriptions. Reach out to support directly to see if your plan qualifies.

  • The information below is best suited for account Admins and content creators. For more specifics around which areas of the account and pieces of content your employees can access, review their permissions and subject content access.

To add a due date to a subject:

  1. Navigate to the Content page and press the tab for Company, Policies, or Processes where the existing subject is housed.

  2. Click on the subject title to open the content to which you want to add a due date.

  3. Hit the three dots on the top right corner of the subject editing page and select "Edit subject settings" from the drop-down menu.

  4. Check the box for "Set a due date" and choose the number of days users will have to complete this training, once it's been assigned.

  5. Click "Save" to apply your update.

📝 Please note: Users will receive a reminder email three days before the subject is due, one day past the due date, and every seven days after the due date until it's completed.

To review an example of a subject due date:

Due dates are based on when the subject was originally assigned to a user. Consequently, due dates can vary from user to user.

For example, if a subject has a due date in 10 days and the user is assigned on August 6th, the due date for this user will be August 16th. Someone assigned two days later with those same parameters will have a due date of August 18th.

Learn more about advanced subject settings:

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