Subject Structure (Subject, Topics, Steps)

Learn how Trainual subjects are structured with topics and steps

Content in Trainual is organized into subjects, topics, and steps. Here, we will go over the differences between subjects, topics, and steps and give you tips on how to structure your content using each organizational level.



🔥 Tip: Check out the Strategy Guide: How to Create Awesomely Organized Subjects, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.



A subject is a set of processes or procedures that apply to either the whole company (i.e. Employee Handbook) or a specific department or group (i.e. HR or HR Manager).

For example:

  • Reception Area Procedures

  • HR Policies


A topic is a specific process or procedure that falls under a broader set of processes or procedures.

For example:

  • In the subject Reception Area Procedures:

    • Greeting Customers

    • Answering Phones

  • In the subject HR Policies

    • PTO Policy

    • Remote Work Policy


A step is all of the individual actions that must take place to follow a specific process or procedure.

For example:

  • In the subject Marketing Intro & Overview > Topic About Trainual Marketing

    • We Are Marketers

    • The Concept of Strategic Seduction

    • About Our Audience

    • Existing Content Reference List

    • Additional Marketing Resources

  • In the subject Tools for Project Management > Topic Intro

    • Purpose

    • Targets

    • Step 1: login

    • Step 2 find the customer


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