Start documenting your playbook by creating and adding content to a Step. Your Steps are where you record the individual actions that must take place to follow a specific process or procedure.

πŸ“ Please note: You first need to create a Subject for the Company, Policies, or Processes page and create a Topic before you can create a Step and add content to it.

To create a Step:

  1. Navigate to your Subject by clicking on the page where your Subject lives on the left-hand navigation bar (Company, Policies, or Processes)

  2. Click on your preferred Topic

  3. Click "+ Add Step" on the left-hand "Looking Great πŸ‘" section

To add content to a Step:

  1. Click "Enter Step Title" to add a name for your new Step

  2. Click "Type something" to begin documenting your process or procedure for the Topic your Step lives in

πŸ“ Note: If you click on the "More Rich" symbol (+:), you'll gain access to a submenu that allows you to add GIFs, insert tables with borders, and much more.

πŸŽ₯ Learn how to add & format text to Steps in the video below:

πŸ‘‰ Check out the whole How To Build your Business Playbook video walkthrough tutorial, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.

Learn more about documenting your content:

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