Want to add an extra layer of acknowledgment to ensure your team has reviewed your content? Turn on e-signatures for topics! ✨

Completion percentages are a good way to know if your team has reviewed important policies assigned to them, but e-signatures are a great way to ensure agreement and understanding!

📝 Please note:

  • E-signatures are only available on Scale plans. If you're on a Build or Train plan and would like to use e-signatures, upgrade to Scale now!

  • E-signatures can only be required for topics in Policies.

  • Scale plans come with 25 free e-signatures per month.

  • After your account has recorded all free e-signatures for the month, each e-signature after that is just $1. Any extra e-signature charges will be added to a monthly billing cycle collection, even if you are on a yearly billing cycle for your Trainual platform subscription.

  • You can see how many free e-signatures you have left and any extra e-signatures your account will be charged for on the Billing & plans page.

  • To manage the ability to require e-signatures across your account, click your profile picture on the top right-hand corner of your account > click "Account settings" > and toggle "Allow e-signatures" on or off. When on, Billing Admins can always add e-signatures.

  • E-signatures are not available in the Trainual App For iPhone & Android and can only be completed within a mobile browser. (Chrome is the only mobile web browser e-signature works within).

  • Notifications will be sent to the Billing Admin via the top navigation bar when there are 5 remaining signatures left on an account. Another notification will go out when there are 0 left.

  • To learn how to download a report of who has signed your document, visit our Reports page.

🔥 Tip: Head to Account Settings to add more permission levels to the list of content creators who can add e-signature requirements. Billing Admins can always require e-signatures.

To require an e-signature on a topic:

  1. Navigate to a subject in the Policies tab.

  2. Find the topic you'd like to require an e-signature on.

  3. Click on the three docs to the right of your topic and click "Require e-signature."

  4. You'll see a pop-up confirming the change, and "E-signature required" next to your topic.

🚨 Reminder: If you edit a topic's title or content that requires an e-signature, it will require everyone to re-sign the content. So be sure to catch any misspellings before turning on your e-signature requirement! (Don't worry – you'll get a warning before any edits go through so you don't accidentally reset any e-signature completions.)

To remove an e-signature requirement for a topic:

  1. Navigate to the topic that requires an e-signature.

  2. Click on the three docs to the right of your topic and click "Remove e-signature."

This is what it looks like for people completing content that requires an e-signature:

When the assignee reaches the end of a topic that requires an e-signature, the continue button will say "Sign and complete." They'll have to sign and agree before marking the topic as complete.

They'll see a pop-up that allows them to e-sign right in the app. They'll also be emailed a copy of their e-signature and the content that goes with it!

(Insert tears of joy for boosting accountability).

🔥 Tip: Make sure everyone on your team has a “Reports to” selection so their direct manager will receive a copy of the signed document via email. If somebody doesn’t have a manager selected, your Billing Admin will receive a copy.

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