After you have created a Subject on the Company, Policies, or Processes page, you have the option to adjust several features for that content on the Subject page.

To navigate to a Subject page, click the tab where your Subject lives on the left-hand navigation bar (Company, Policies, or Processes) and select your preferred Subject.

From there, you can manage the following sections:

⚙️ Advanced Settings

Access completion requirements, set Due Dates, and more by adjusting Advanced Subject Settings

📊 View Report

Jump straight to the Reports page for a Subject to view your team's progress by person or by Topic/Test

👥 Users Assigned

Assign your team, adjust completion scores, and adjust permission levels for a single Subject by managing users

👔 Roles Assigned

Bulk-assign multiple Roles to a single Subject in the Roles Assigned section

📘 Add a Topic

Add a new Topic from the Subject page

📝 Add a Test

Add a new Test from the Subject page

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