As you're building out your playbook content, you can fine-tune different features for each Subject using Advanced Settings. You can edit Advanced Settings at any time, but it's a good idea to decide which settings you want before publishing and assigning each of your Subjects.

🎥 Learn how to use Subject Settings in the video below:

👉 Check out the whole How To Build your Business Playbook video walkthrough tutorial, created by our amazing L&D coach, Shawn.

To edit Advanced Settings:

  1. Navigate to your preferred Subject by clicking on the page where your Subject lives on the lefthand navigation bar (Company, Policies, or Processes)

  2. Click the three dots on the top right-hand side of the page

  3. Click "Edit Subject" on the menu that appears

  4. Edit any feature in the Advanced Settings dropdown and click "Save"

View the articles below to learn about each Advanced Setting feature:

Require Completion Of Subject

📆 Due Dates

🔢 Force Order Of Topics and Tests

Expiring Completion

🏆 Completion Certificates

🔒 Lock Subject

📝 Please note: Some Advanced Settings are available in Scale Plan accounts only. View the above articles to learn more.

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