Group Manager

Learn how to delegate group member and content management to your most trusted employees.

Help foster a sense of shared accountability for the training process by delegating responsibility and content management to your group managers.

👉 Before you start:

  • This feature is available under all Trainual plans.
  • Only those with an Admin+ permission level can see and manage groups to set a group manager. Once a general user or author is added as a group manager for a group, they can see and manage group managers for that specific group.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the group feature, start here: 🔗 Groups.

Changing from manager permissions to group managers

The Manager permission level was retired on April 2, 2024. As a part of this historical change, any teammates who had Manager permissions were...

  • Automatically transitioned down to Author permissions.
  • Automatically made group managers for all teams they were a part of.

👀 Need to make some permission level adjustments? 
Remember that you can
change permissions in bulk! Just open "Account" on the left navigation menu > click "Manage users" > and check the boxes to the left of the people you'd like to turn into Authors (or any other permission level).


A group manager's primary responsibility is to oversee the accuracy of content assignments for all their group members. But this isn't all they can do! Check out the lists below to find out what a group manager can and cannot do with this authority.


✅ Group managers can add or remove...

Group members.

Other group managers.

Content associated with their groups.

Any group teammate's assigned groups, even if they are not the group manager for those specific groups.

Group managers can also...

View reports related to their groups.

Invite new users to Trainual.

Archive group members.

Edit group descriptions and responsibilities.

Manage the training completion on any content for group members they manage.


Group managers cannot...

Invite teammates to join the company account that would need a higher permission level than the group manager currently holds.

Delete Trainual profiles of members in their groups.

Access, see into, or share unpublished content or private subject content with their groups. If a group manager has not been explicitly provided access to content, they will only see the subject title and a button that says "Request permission."

📝 Please note: Group manager delegations can be given to anyone on the team, including your General users, so be sure you are giving this access thoughtfully.

Assigning and removing group managers

  1. Click "Groups" from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Locate and open the title of the group where you'd like to assign a group manager.

  3. Find the "Group managers" section within the "Overview" tab of your group page. Then, click “Choose a manager.”

  4. Select the people you’d like to delegate as group managers.

  5. Hit the "Save" button to push through your changes.

Screen Capture on 2024-03-22 at 13-51-34.gif


🧹 To remove a group manager

Click "Edit managers" from the "Group managers" section and hover over the name of the individual(s) that you'd like to remove within the pop-up window. Hit the "Remove as manager" link when it appears, then the "Save" button to push through your changes.

🔥 Tip: Now that your group managers have access to their designated groups, send them this help article for training on the "how-to" basics of managing group members, content, and editing descriptions and responsibilities.


When I add a user as a group manager, will they be automatically added as a group member, too?
No. A group manager will also need to be directly added as a member to be assigned the group’s content.

How does becoming a group manager change a teammate's permission level or content access level? 
The group manager capability is not tied to a user’s access level to content or to their specific user permission level. That means if a General User, for example, is made a group manager, their default access to their assigned content stays as “View.” However, they can now manage members of their group(s) and the content assigned to their group(s).

Why can't I see all of my group members under the subject reports page? 
It's possible that some of your group members are not currently active in the account. Double-check that all your group members have accepted their Trainual invites and are currently active in the company account.

What type of latest activity reporting can a group manager see?
Group managers will be able to view any type of latest activity report information for their designated group teammates. This includes all user and content specific account activity.

How can I submit my feedback and ideas about features?
If you'd like to share your thoughts about group features or think of something else you'd like to see added in the future, send us your feature requests and ideas.

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