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Record And Embed A Droplr GIF

Embed moving screenshots in your Trainual Steps

At Trainual, we're big fans of Droplr, a service that lets you create screenshots, recordings, and...GIFs!


To create a GIF with Droplr:

  1. Create a Droplr account.

  2. Download the Droplr app.

  3. Open the Droplr app.

  4. Click the Droplr icon at the top of your screen on a Mac and select "GIF."

  5. Select the area you would like to record and click "Record."


  6. Record your GIF. When you're done, click the stop icon and select "Finish Recording."

  7. Your GIF will open up on a new page.

  8. Click "Download."


To embed your Droplr GIF:

After downloading your GIF to your computer, you can embed it into your content by uploading it as an image in your content. Learn how to add a GIF to a Step.

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