Your team is small, but mighty (and totally unique). So when you try to build an org chart, it doesn’t fully show what everyone does and who they report to. Why? Your employees wear a bunch of hats and are part of multiple teams.

That's why you need a role chart: a map of your current (and future) reporting structure by role.

When you organize team structure based on role, you have an up-to-date reference as your team grows and changes. Plus, there’s a perfect place for everyone — no matter how many departments they have their hands in.

To create a role chart:

  1. Navigate to the Org Chart page by clicking "People" on your left-hand navigation menu and selecting "Org Chart."

  2. Click on the Roles tab on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Press the "Edit chart" button.

  4. Select the highest-ranking role from the dropdown menu (this is likely your CEO or president role).

  5. Select the role that each role reports to using the dropdown menus.

  6. Optional: Click the "Create role" button to create a new role without leaving the role chart page. You can quickly add multiple roles at once with suggestions based on your industry as well!

  7. When you're all done, head to Account Settings and publish your role chart so the whole team can reference it.

📝 Please Note: Your changes will auto-save as you're working. You can click "Edit chart" on the Role chart page at any time to make changes.

🔥 Tip: Make sure you share the role chart with your whole team so they can reference it and see each other's profile pictures, bios, responsibilities, and more.

To share the role chart:

  1. Click your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Account Settings

  2. Scroll down to the Account Settings section and expand it.

  3. Toggle on the option to Publish the role chart.

  4. Optional: Hide the role chart from non-Admins in specific roles by keeping the role chart toggle to ON and selecting roles from the dropdown.

📝 Please Note: The role chart page is always visible to Admins and Billing Admins. It’s only visible to the rest of the team when the role chart is published in Account Settings.

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