Admin vs. Billing Admin Permission Overview

Learn about the differences between the Billing Admin and Admin permission levels.

Billing Admin

The Billing Admin can manage all account settings and billing and subscription plan information. This is the top-level permission and is ideal for anyone who needs full access to your Trainual account.

A Billing Admin can:

  • Add, archive, and delete people and designate permissions.

  • Add, edit, and assign any groups.

  • Add, edit, publish, and assign subjects.

  • Add and update "Billing & plan" information.



The Admin permission allows all the same abilities as the Billing Admin except the ability to manage "Billing & plan" information. Admins will not be able to view the "Billing & plan" information and cannot work with support for any billing-related issues/questions. Admins cannot delete or archive Billing Admins. Only Billing Admins can modify accounts for other Billing Admins.

📝 Please note: You don't have a limit (other than seat licenses) to the number of Billing Admins or Admins you can have in your account. However, we strongly recommend being careful about whom you give Admin permissions.

⬇️ See the difference in the account views below. ⬇️

Admin View

Billing Admin View


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