Insert YouTube Videos Using Quick Embeds

Learn how to embed Youtube videos with Quick Embeds

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Inserting YouTube videos into your Trainual account is easier than ever using our quick embeds function!

To insert a YouTube video using quick embeds:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video that you would like to embed.

  2. Click the "Share" button under the video title.

  3. Copy the video link.

  4. Navigate to the step in your Trainual account where you would like to insert the video.

  5. Click the Quick Embeds icon (the blue lighting bolt in the text editing toolbar.)

  6. Scroll down and select the YouTube icon.

  7. Paste the video URL.

  8. Click "Embed." 🎉

YouTube Shorts

When uploading a video from Youtube less than 60 seconds long, YouTube defaults the video to a "Short." Our current Quick Embed option doesn't support embedding Shorts, and you will need to manually update the link first.

To Update and Insert a Short:

  1. Navigate to the Short within YouTube that you would like to quick embed into your content.

  2. Click the URL and change the word "Short" to "Watch." Press Enter on your keyboard to refresh the URL.

    1. 📝Please Note: If you skip this step and try to update the link in Trainual, it will not work!

  3. Copy the link.

  4. Navigate back to the Trainual step where you are embedding the video.

  5. Press the Quick Embeds emblem.

  6. Select the "YouTube" option.

  7. Paste the URL.

  8. Press "Embed."


How do my YouTube security settings affect my embedded videos?

YouTube has varying privacy options that allow you to control exactly what can be done with embedded videos.

  • Public: Anyone can view this video.

  • Private: If you have significant concerns about the security of your data, you can make the videos on your YouTube private, which will only allow the video to be viewed in Trainual by team members who you have shared it with via YouTube. These team members must be logged into Youtube to view the video within Trainual. If you revoke a user's access to the video on YouTube at any time, it will not allow them to access it again anywhere on the web.

  • Unlisted: Most of our customers choose to make their videos "unlisted," which only allows access to users that have the link (or access to where it is embedded).

🔓Update your YouTube video visibility settings by following the directions HERE.

Learn how to insert other third-party videos:

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