Does Trainual Offer A Non-Profit Discount?

Learn about the 50% discount Trainual provides to qualifying non-profits!

Want to learn more about qualifying and applying for our 50% off non-profit discount? 🤗

Trainual provides a 50% off discount for the life of your account if you are a qualifying non-profit organization.

To qualify for our non-profit discount, the Billing Admin of your account needs to complete the following steps to provide us with documentation that helps us verify proof of your organization's non-profit status. This is often a 501(c)(3) document.

To apply for our non-profit discount:

  1. Find your organization's proof of non-profit status.

  2. Fill out our non-profit application and submit your proof of non-profit status.

  3. Our customer support team will reach out to you to let you know if your submitted documents qualify you for our non-profit discount.

  4. Once you qualify for our non-profit discount, you will be able to see your applied discount by going to Billing & Plans within your account.

🔥 Tip: Prior to submitting your non-profit discount application, make sure you sign up for a free trial on our website, so our customer support team can apply your non-profit discount directly to your account after receiving your documentation.

Please see the video below to watch the application process in action:


To all of our nonprofit organization friends: thank you for all you do to serve our community. 😊