We've got a couple of tips and tricks up our sleeves that we'd love to share with you to help you have the most seamless platform experience.

πŸ’» Best device practices:

  • Exclusively use Google Chrome (we are big fans of Chrome over here as they push through the most updates for a seamless platform experience!)

  • Clear your cache every other week.

  • Keep your macOS or Windows 10 device up to date.

  • Download the app to view content on the go.

  • Keep only one Trainual tab open at one time on your computer.

  • Have only one person edit a Subject at once (if multiple people are editing at the same time, the platform won't be able to save properly!)

  • Be sure your content displays as "Saved" as shown below before you navigate. away from your page. If it says "Saving Changes..." you will want to wait to click away to avoid losing any content.

  • If you have multiple Trainual accounts, you can be logged in to different company accounts at the same time! Just be sure to double-check that you are on the correct one before making any changes. πŸ˜‰

Unsaved content:

Saved content:

🏁 Getting started:

  • Learn about documenting your Company info, Policies, and Processes.

  • Use Subject Outline View to organize your content.

  • Create up to 20 Steps for a single Topic (if you think you'll need more Steps than that, it's best to separate your Policy or Process into multiple Topics).

  • Create Roles to streamline your Subject assignment.

  • Go to the My Desk tab to complete content.

  • Go to the Company, Policies, and Processes tabs to edit content.

  • Use the Admin Mode toggle in the upper lefthand corner of your Subject to switch between editing content (toggle turned on) and previewing & consuming content (toggle turned off).

Admin Mode on to edit content:

Admin Mode off to preview and consume content:

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