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Learn how to establish best practices and tools for your Trainual account to get top-performance returns with these tips and suggestions.

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When you take the time to learn more about and set up your platforms and tools from the very beginning, you make sure they are optimized for maximum performance and return on investment (ROI). Use these Trainual best practice tips and suggestions to help you save time and avoid future frustrations as you get started.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Before you start:

  • This article will help all Trainual plan subscribers.

  • The information below is best suited for account Admins and content creators. For more specifics around which areas of the account and pieces of content your employees can access, review their permission and subject content access levels.

To review best device practices:

By following these suggestions, you can ensure that your team has a consistent experience across the board, which helps to improve engagement and retention with the system. ๐Ÿค“

Device Tips

Tech Tips


Use Google Chrome as your browser for the most seamless user experience.

Clear your cache every other week to avoid lag time and system errors.

Download the Trainual app to view content on the go. iOS or Android is available.

Keep your macOS and/or Windows 10 operating systems up-to-date.

Bookmark this help center page for common steps with troubleshooting issues.

Keep only one Trainual tab open per user account at any time in each browser.

To continue setting up your Trainual for peak success:

There may be features or functions that you are not yet aware of in Trainual or are simply feeling lost on which ones to turn on and how to best utilize them. By reviewing and using the information provided below, you can make sure you're in the know and making the right choices for your team from the start! ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ

Training & Support

In-App Content Overview

Create Strategies

Three on-demand resources to help you quickly learn the platform.

Learn more about the content breakdown pages before writing your training.

Avoid these five most common mistakes to aim at steering clear of them.

Document reliable and replicable operations using our free masterclass.

Determine who can see what by choosing the right system permission levels.

Find the best people to involve as you begin your playbook-building journey.

Take a look at this contact list to speak with the right Trainual representative.

Review what training looks like from your General user trainees' point of view.

Make a plan for content organization before it feels unmanageable.

Learn more about setting Trainual account standards:

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