We get it, things happen! If you come to a point where you have some content already built out but you need to put a temporary pause on your account, we got you. We offer a Hold Plan for $20/month until you're ready to get back up and running.

While on the Hold Plan, you won't have any access to the platform - it's simply to save your Trainual progress. Switching to a Hold Plan will save all of your playbook data, including your:

  1. Created content (Subjects, Tests, etc.)

  2. Account settings & content settings

  3. Team progress and Reports

  4. Established Brand Styles

If you choose to not go this route and cancel your account, it's possible your data will be removed within 30 days.

✨Billing Admins can place their account on hold right from their account.

To put your account on hold:

  1. Log in with a Billing Admin email

  2. Click your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and select “Billing & Plans

  3. Click the "Need to suspend or cancel your account?" link under your Plan Summary

  4. Click "Need a break?"

  5. Let us know why you're putting your account on hold and click "Hold account"

📝 Please note: If your account is on hold, you can resume usage at any time by logging into your account with your Billing Admin email and continuing through the pop-ups. 🤩

If you have further questions about your subscription change, please email support@trainual.com or chat us in the bubble to the right. 👉

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