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Learn how to manage a teammate's email, job title, permission level, and more!

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Managing individual employee information and account permission levels in your Trainual can help create seamless efficiencies between company representatives overseeing your groups. Easily learn how to keep this information up-to-date below.

👉 Before you start:

  • This feature option is available on all Trainual plans.

  • Only those with an Admin+ permission level or group manager capabilities can update teammate information.

To locate & update individual user info:

  1. Expand the "Account" menu from the left navigation menu.

  2. Choose "Manage users" from the list.

  3. Click on the three dots to the right of a user's name and select "Edit."

  4. Make changes to any of the categories listed under "General" or "Advanced":

    1. Full name.

    2. Work email.

    3. Job title.

    4. Phone number.

    5. Reports to.

    6. Schedule automatic archive.

    7. Show profile in directory.

  5. Finalize your updates by hitting the "Save changes" button.

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