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Loom Troubleshooting

Learn to troubleshoot issues you may be having with the Loom integration in Trainual.

Are you experiencing an issue with our Loom video recording integration? Check out the tips below on how to troubleshoot!

The Loom icon is missing from the text editing toolbar:

If you notice that the Loom icon is missing from your text editing toolbar when using your desktop browser, you are most likely using a browser that is not compatible with the Loom integration. The Loom integration is compatible with the Google Chrome v90+, Microsoft Edge v90+ & Brave v1.22+ browsers. If you are using Safari or Firefox, you will not have access to the Loom integration.

📝 Please note: The Loom integration is only available for desktop browsers.

You have reached the 25 video limit message:

When you sign up with Loom through Trainual, you are given a free starter subscription with Loom. The typical Loom-started subscription includes 25 videos up to 5 minutes in length. With the Trainual in-app Loom integration, you can record unlimited videos as long as you record from inside the Trainual app. 🎉

📝 Please note: If you record with the Loom Chrome Extension, you will not have unlimited videos.

Cannot connect to Loom message:

If you are attempting to use the in-app Loom integration within Trainual and receive this message, this may be due to being signed out of your Loom account. If this happens, please do the following:

  1. Open Loom.com in your browser window.

  2. Click the Sign In button and enter your login credentials.

  3. After you have signed in, go back to your Trainual account.

  4. Attempt to record a Loom video with the in-app integration.

If you continue to see the "cannot connect" message after signing in, please contact Loom support.

Moving the Loom camera bubble:

The camera bubble is limited to the tab that your Trainual account is open on; you cannot move the camera bubble to different screens, windows, or tabs. This limitation is due to how Loom has its SDK integration designed.

🚨If you continue to experience issues with Loom, please reach out to support@trainual.com

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