Upload Audio Files

Learn how to upload an audio file or embed an audio file from SoundCloud into a Trainual step.

Audio files are an excellent tool to break up the monotony of written training and can provide an engaging, informational experience through an easily digestible format.


👉 Before you start:

  • All plans have access to this feature option.

  • All content creator permission levels have the ability to add audio files to a step.

  • If your file size is larger than 50MB, you will need to host your file through a third-party platform like SoundCloud.



To upload an audio file:

  1. Navigate to your step by heading to the Content library and press the tab for Company, Policies, or Processes where the subject with the step lives.

  2. Double-check that the Admin view is toggled on and press the "Insert" button in the top navigation menu.



  3. Select "File" from the toolbar and choose the audio file you wish to upload.

  4. Press "Add File." If you run into any file upload errors, it is likely because your file size exceeds 50MB.

📝 Please note: Your newly uploaded audio file will display as a hyperlink within your step and, when clicked on, will open and play in a separate browser tab.

🎥 Walkthrough: 


🔥 Tip: If you prefer or need the audio file to play directly inside of Trainual, upload it to SoundCloud. You can grab their auto-generated embed coding to place into the Trainual as an iFrame, which will then allow users to play these clips in-app without ever leaving the training page.


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