Upgrade Your Plan

Learn how to upgrade your Trainual subscription plan in-app.

As you start to build your business playbook, there may come a point when you are ready to upgrade your plan and gain access to all of the features that Trainual has to offer. Follow the steps below to upgrade your plan in-app!

🚨 Remember, only those with Billing Admin permission levels can make these changes.

To upgrade your plan:

  1. Log in to your Trainual account.

  2. Expand the "Account" options from the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. Choose the option "Billing & plans."

  4. Click the "Upgrade plan" button under your desired subscription listing.

  5. Select your billing cycle preference; monthly or yearly.

  6. Select your total number of user seats.

  7. From the grey-colored right-hand menu, double-check your payment details by clicking on the pencil icon near your card information. Make any necessary changes there before proceeding.

  8. Review the "Payment summary" overview and hit the "Upgrade" button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to finalize your subscription choices.

📝 Please note: When you upgrade your plan, our billing system will prorate the amount of time you have left in your current plan and will use it as credit toward your upgrade. You will be charged the prorated amount of your upgraded plan selection through the end of your current billing cycle.

Learn more about Trainual plan changes: