When Should I Add People To My Account?

Learn best practices for when and how to add new users in Trainual.

If you're just ramping up your Trainual account, you might wonder "When is the best time to start adding people?"

Actually, the best time happens at two different times:

  1. When you are ready to create content

  2. When you are ready to assign content

Content Creation

This is when you create the content (subjects, topics, steps) that will eventually be assigned and completed by your team members. During this phase, the people you will need to add to your account are those who will actively participate in the creation of content, most likely the subject matter experts (SMEs).

You have options regarding what type of access you give:

  • Subject owner - This gives a user full administrative access over a subject. They can create and manage content within the subject, publish it, and even assign it to other people and/or groups.

  • Author permission - Authors can create new subject content from scratch. They can create, manage, and publish but cannot assign subjects.

  • Contributor permission - Contributors can only edit subjects to which they have been assigned. They cannot publish or assign subjects.

Content Assignment

When your content is nearing completion and will soon be published, it's time to add people who will be assigned the content to complete in Trainual, most likely your teammates with a general permission level. That way, they will be ready for you when you assign them to a group and/or additional subjects in the future.

Learn more about content management and access: