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Explore all the customizable settings and features for tests!

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Looking to get the most out of tests? Check out the different settings that help you maximize your team's retention and completion tracking. ⬇

Here's an overview of the different test settings:

Minimum Passing Score: This is the score a user will have to receive in order to pass the test.

Description: You can give users a brief description of the test they are about to start!

Question Order: You can either show questions in the order you created them or randomize them.

Number of Questions to Display: Trainual allows you to either show all questions to everyone assigned or give everyone a random selection of the questions you've created.

  • Note: If you have a large bank of questions and want to give each user a unique mix, choose 'Random Selection' and enter the number of questions you wish to ask.

Send Test Responses by Email: This field allows you to add the email address of anyone in your account to whom you would like to receive test results.

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